Cult Sydney eatery, Fishbowl opening next week in Gasworks Precinct, serving healthy salads

The team behind the hugely successful Fishbowl group, which now has more than 20 locations across Australia, is set to open their first QLD outpost in the Newstead Gasworks Precinct.

Founders Nic Pestalozzi, Casper Ettleson and Nathan Dalah opened their first store in Bondi in 2016, and it was an immediate success. Donning huge crowds and a synonymously fresh and healthy menu, 6 years on.

The fare of Fishbowl is a cross between Hawaiian poke (a century-old fisherman’s lunch of raw fish off-cuts) and a Japanese sashimi salad, offering the happy result of freshly diced, raw-sashimi salads. It’s a healthy fast-food option for people that hate fast food, and not to be confused for Poke Bowls!

“We wanted to make it convenient, which is why we didn’t open on a back street, but also thought ‘lets go to the places where people know food and love food and care about food,” says Dalah about opening the highly anticipated new store.

Fishbowl is opening next week in the Gasworks Plaza.

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